Top 10 Reasons to Vote for us in Searchlight 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Rhythm and Cello in CBC Music’s Searchlight Contest

With plenty of artists to vote for, you’re probably wondering why you should spend one of your 10 daily regional votes on our band. Here are the first ten reasons that popped to mind:

1. You’re already online, likely with multiple computers/devices – you may as well use them (you can vote once per day per device)!

2. The combo of cello & guitar will take your frets away

3. You support local music

4. We desperately need new gear (grand prize includes $20,000 of Yamaha sound equipment)

5. We know All Your Secrets (alright, you’ve got us there, but it is the title of our contest entry)

6. We changed the lyrics so they wouldn’t accidentally endorse distracted driving

7.  You can relate to this song if you’ve ever watched live music, broken up with someone, connected with the lyrics in a song, or commuted.

8. Harmonies & instrumental fills, baby!

9. Someone’s support once made all the difference to you in achieving your goal

10. We asked nicely, and we recorded this song for you!

Rhythm and Cello - official contestants in CBC Music's Searchlight Contest


Anyone with online access can vote – once per day per computer/device, for up to 10 artists per region. So round up your officemates, friends, family, digitally-savvy pets and anyone else with a  mild to enthusiastic love for Canadian music and send them here:!/artists/Rhythm-and-Cello.


Go here:!/artists/Rhythm-and-Cello and find the blue Vote button.
Or go here: Enter ‘rhythm’ in the search bar, and click ‘Vote’  (we’re the first artist that shows up in the results).
Or click the Searchlight logo on our fancy new website:

Feel free to spread the love by inviting others to join our Facebook ‘event’ to sign up for daily reminders. Or simply share this page! Thanks for your votes!

Stephanie & John

About Searchlight

Are you Canada’s best new musical act? Are you looking for your big break?
CBC Music and CBC Radio One want to help launch your career with Searchlight, a competition that connects artists with fans in their community and across the country. Any style of music goes. It’s your chance to show off your musical chops, get new exposure and win some career-boosting prizes in the process! The grand prize includes $20,000 worth of music equipment from Yamaha Canada Music, and a spot on a high-profile music showcase.

The contest kicks off with a regional round, where people can vote for up to 10 of their favourite bands in each region, each day. This means you can work with other local bands to help drum up support. The winner of the regional contest gets entered into the national contest. These regional champions will be exposed to all of Canada and checked out by our panel of celebrity judges, who will pick the best. The winner will be announced on May 15 on CBC’s Q.