Stephanie Smith and John Welsh of Rhythm and Cello
Stephanie Smith and John Welsh of Rhythm and Cello

About Us

Rhythm and Cello formed in 2006, when John and Stephanie branched from the high-energy 6-piece Latin/reggae band Los Amigos to provide ceremony music for an outdoor wedding on Hernandez Island. They personalized their eclectic sound for the couple by taking musical requests – a practice they continue today as a means of building their extensive repertoire.

Stephanie and John enjoy playing a broad range of musical genres, including Latin, folk, rock, pop, reggae, country and Celtic. Their unique arrangements of familiar cover tunes, and acoustic-style originals suit a wide range of venues and events, while appealing to a broad demographic. In addition to playing at cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars, the duo can be found at community events, concert series, art showcases, festivals, conferences and weddings.


John Welsh

John got his start as a performance artist in the college house party scene, playing songs for everyone to sing along. Over the past 10 years he has performed his diverse styles of music for audiences around BC and the Lower Mainland.

John draws influences from artists, such as Ben Harper, Sublime, Sam Roberts and Joel Plaskett. His songs are often inspired by his travel experiences and blend elements of folk, surf rock, reggae and Latin genres.

John has recorded and performed solo and in collaboration with various artists including the Welsh Brothers, Los Amigos and Rhythm and Cello. He has shared the stage with such artists as Tom Freund, Current Swell, Daniel Wesley and T. Nile.


Stephanie Glegg

A classically trained cellist in solo, ensemble and orchestral music, Stephanie’s musical inspiration flourished when she launched into contemporary genres, including Latin, folk, rock, pop, reggae, country, Celtic, bluegrass and blues.

Stephanie has shared the stage with musical greats Loren Gold (The Who), Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies) and Murray Foster (Great Big Sea), as well as many talented local artists.

Her musical highlights include performing for actor Eric McCormack’s (Will & Grace, NBC) cancer research benefit concerts at the Stanley Theatre, lighting up the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park with Brazilian/jazz/funk/folk fusion group Gravity Fetish, touring Canada with Celtic rock band Shoofly, being featured at New Music West, and accompanying dancers Afifa Eidher & Melanie Meyers at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival.

As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, her unique arrangements bring a refreshing spin to the stage and the studio.